FREE 16cm Non-Stick Granite Casserole with Glass Lid + 3pcs Premium Knife Set

  • High Level of Hardness
  • Shot Blasting Technology
  • Excellent Non-Stick Effect
  • Environment-friendly product and PFOA Free
  • Heat Distribution
  • Hygiene and Healthy
  • Ergonomic Anti-scald Handle
  • Tempered Glass Lid
  • Pouring Spout Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Compatible with all cookers including induction cooker.

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High Level of Hardness 

10 multilayers system reinforced with blue diamond and granite particles non-stick layer. Highly durable, scratch resistance, and abrasion resistance. 


Shot Blasting Technology

A tougher method that increases the lifespan and endurance of the cookware coating. Anti-corrosion layers for optimal protection against aggressive detergents and acidic foods.


Excellent Non-Stick Effect
Made with high resistance non-stick coating GRATANIUM from German Weilburger Technology. Easy to clean and less oil needed. Ideal for making fried rice, curry, noodles, pizza, pancakes, soups and much more.


Environment-friendly product and PFOA Free
Non-toxic, 100% Free from harmful substances and meet all the toughest European food safety standards. Safe for food contact.


Heat Distribution
A thick gauge cast aluminum bottom provides a rapidly heating up and distributes heat energy evenly during cooking. Saves cooking times as more heat is retained. 


Hygiene and Healthy
An elegant combination of stone-like interior and exterior. The casting mould without rivet ensures the cleanliness of your cookware as no leftover food remains inside the cookware.


Ergonomic Anti-scald Handle
Designed with a comfortable grip and anti-scald handle. Provides better protection for hands and is safe to use. Easy to carry.


Tempered Glass Lid
Provide a clear view and allows you to monitor cooking without losing heat, flavor, or nutrients.


Pouring Spout Design

Easy pouring of gravies without making a mess.


Large Capacity

Can fill up 4.6 Liter which is suitable for all your cooking needs.


Compatible with all cookers including induction cooker. 

Additional Information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 17 cm
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