Reason Why You Need Granite Cookware from iGOZO

granite cookware

Reason Why You Need Granite Cookware from iGOZO

Granite cookware encompasses a wide range of kitchen vessels. Granite cookware is made from a metal base that has been coated with PTFE, vitreous enamel, or in rare cases, another type of coating. Vessels labelled PFOA, cadmium, and lead-free from reputable manufacturers typically pose fewer health risks to consumers.

· Non-Toxic

Granite Cookware Malaysia

Granite stoneware pans are considered one of the most healthy and safe cookware in the market. No lead, No harmful chemicals of any kind, No PFOA. Passed FDA, SGS and Stringent European Food Safety Test.

· Excellent Heat Conduction

Granite Cookware Malaysia

The inner core warms up quickly and holds in heat well to reduce overall cooking time, therefore helping to save gas and electricity cost.

· Excellent Non-Stick Performance

Granite Cookware Malaysia

The 8 layers granite coating from Germany gave it an exclusive non-stick performance. In fact, granite coated surface cookware has higher durability than iron pans.

· Die-Cast Body

Granite Cookware Malaysia

Die casting allows working with different aluminium thicknesses, which contributes to better heat distribution and even cooking results. Cast Iron pans are also the ones with better non-stick coatings to avoid food from sticking on the cooking surface.

· Rust Resistant

Rust Resistant

No rusting at all due to its German granite coating material. So, you can safely use it without worrying about shedding of materials.

· Acidic Food Resistant

Yes, you can safely cook asam or tomato dishes in it, our granite surface is inert and will not leach when cooking or storing highly acidic dishes.

· Scratch Resistant

With 8 layers of granite coated surface, you will notice that our granite cookware has the best durability and scratch resistant!

· Anti-Scaled Handle

Handle is anti-scald and has a comfortable grip. It is safer to use and provides better hand protection.

· Lightweight

For a 9.5 inch frying pan, it weighs only 760g! It’s around 50% less than cast iron.

· Super Easy to Clean

You will love this! Our cookware is coated with high quality natural mineral coating that makes clean-up super easy, just wipe with a soapy sponge and wash it!

· Save Resources & Protect the Earth

Due to the excellent non-stick performance, only a dash of oil is needed to cook. At the same time, it reduces 75% smoke and CO2 emissions, 52% water while washing, 50% overall cooking time and 50% gas and electricity cost when compared to cast iron pan.

· Modern Design

There are no rivets inside, and it is easy to clean. It is appealing and complements almost any kitchen décor.

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